Does your office have Viive?

Viive™ is the new practice management system designed by dentists and Mac fanatics. Viive puts the strength and simplicity of the Mac into a practice management system that works like you expect. Now your dental practice can go Mac—with Viive!

Work with what
you know

Viive is refreshingly clean and elegant practice management software built on the Mac OS X platform. It's fast, simple and easy to use. Designed by dentists, Viive lets you practice the way you've always wanted to—on a Mac. Intuitively.

Work faster and smarter

The Viive workflow centers on the patient, so the software matches the way you practice.View x-rays, chart, journal, schedule, all from one screen—the patient screen. Viive includes the features dentists use most. It works right out of the box, with little training needed.

Work with the best, Henry Schein

Viive is supported by the quality, experience and service of Henry Schein—the world's leading practice management software provider.

Introducing Viive

See the clean and elegant system that works the way you do.

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